FAQ & Support

Please check the following FAQ before contacting support

Q: How do I add a Disney Park to the ‘My Parks’ list?
A: While viewing the ‘My Parks’ list, tap the icon in the upper right part of the screen. This will show you a list of all Disney Parks you can add to the ‘My Parks’ list. Adding or removing parks will not delete any of your activity.

Q: How do I log an attraction that I’ve completed?
A: From the ‘My Parks’ list select the desired park, tap on an attraction, and select ‘Log’ from the popup menu. You will need to confirm that you want to log the attraction.

Q: How do I add a photo?
A: Adding photos is done for each individual attraction. From the ‘My Parks’ list select the desired park, tap on the desired attraction, and select ‘Photos’ from the popup menu. You can then add photos from your phone’s photo library by tapping the ‘+’ button in the upper right. Added photos will automatically show up in the ‘Album’ page.

Q: Can I delete a photo?
A: Deleting photos will be possible in a future update.

Q: Who can see my photos?
A: Your photos can only be seen by you and people you add to your friends list. A future update will allow you to select which friends you share your photos with.

Q: Can I change the date or time of an attraction log?
A: Yes, you can double tap on the logged activity. You can do this by tapping on the attraction, then selecting ‘Activity’ to see the logs of a specific attraction. You can also do this by tapping your profile bar at the bottom of the ‘My Parks’ page, then view your log list in the ‘Activity’ tab.

Q: How can I change my avatar?
A: From the ‘Settings’ page tap ‘Account Settings’ then ‘Change Avatar’. After you select your avatar be sure to tap the ‘Done’ button.

Q: Is there a dark mode?
A: Yes, on the ‘Settings’ page tap ‘Color Theme’ to toggle between light mode, dark mode, and auto which switches based on your phone’s settings.

Q: Can I delete my account?
A: Yes, you can delete your entire Mousing Around account from the ‘Settings’ page, tapping ‘Account Settings’, then ‘Delete Account’.

If you require further help with the app, or you believe you have found a bug / incorrect behavior in the app, you can contact our support staff at support@mousingaround.net or send written communication to

Mousing Around
14422 Shoreside Way, Ste 110-145
Winter Garden, FL 34787