Mousing Around

Mousing Around is mobile app focused on Disney Theme Parks designed to provide entertainment and engagement for users of all ages. It gives riders the ability to journal and track their progress in the parks, rate rides, and share photos all while collecting points. You can add friends giving you the ability to share your progress and creativity of photography with photos. In addition to the gaming experience, the application also features the most up to date theme park news. So, whether you’re looking to challenge your friends, or simply enjoy tracking your park progress, the app has got you covered. 

Welcome to Mousing Around

We are excited to have you. In order to access the features of the game app, you will be required to create an account and log in. The login process ensures that your personal data and photos are secure and only accessible to you and your friends that you share your data with. Please feel free to send any app feedback to


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*Android version coming soon!